About this Site

My name is Chris… and I’m recovering from gadget lust…

I first got into gadgets in 1997 with an HP Journada PocketPC. The thing was a brick and battery life was terrible, but I used it anyway. I quickly moved to the IBM branded equivalent of a Palm Vx. Small and sleek, I knew that was the beginning of a pretty bad and expensive phase of my life. About 10 PDAs and PDA-Phones, and countless apps later, I’m down to a basic BlackBerry. No fancy add-on apps, no after-market leather cases, clear plastic hard shells, or screen protectors. Just a basic phone with basic email and PIM, and an always-on wireless connection.

I figure that the average mobile user goes through four phases in his gadget life… 1) thinking that he has no need for a fancy phone or PDA, 2) owning his first PDA or PDA-Phone and learning how to use it, 3) cramming every kilobyte of available space with applications and games that he will never use anyway until the device crashes every other day, and 4) just going back to basics and realizing that perhaps the original manufacturers actually did put some thought into what basic functionality should be included out of the box.

What I hope to fill this site with is no nonsense opinion, information, and ideas on mobility, devices, and other interests. If your goal is to learn about the mundane specs of the latest and greatest toys, then perhaps this site is not for you.

At the end of the day, its about practicality of use and design, easy usability and connectivity, and making sure that things just work.

So sit back, have a read, leave a comment, bookmark the site or the RSS, download some mixtapes, and feel at home. Chillax, and let this be the first stop in your long and weary road to un-geekiness.


One comment

  1. Hi Chris, I have an E90 (V., 12-06-2007) but I cannot for the life of me find a BlackBerry Connect S60 client application that is compatible with this version of the E90 firmware.

    I noticed in your E90 review that your test unit had BB working and functioning great.

    Is it possible for you to mention the firmware version of your E90 unit and the version of the S60 BB Connect client you had working? Better yet it would be great if you could email me the BB Connect sisx file directly!

    Thanks for any help and keep up the great work on the site!


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