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Desktop Blogging, Entourage, and Exchange Servers

March 1, 2006

So it works! And instantly, I might add…

The other thing that works, as a nice surprise, is syncing of Entourage to my Exchange server using a Cisco VPN client.

Previously, this sync business was really a hassle because of the IIS whitelisting that our IT group put in on Exchange. As a result, I wasnt able to do the WebDAV connection required to do a PIM update. For it to work, the Exchange Admin needed to whitelist my static IP address on Exchange, which then makes IPSec connections impossible since VPN connections use dynamic IP addresses! For some reason, everything now works, coincidentally with the installation of the newest Apple Software Update. The update site says that they did some fixes to make Cisco VPN clients work a bit better. I guess they fixed it.

Aside from being able to connect outside the office, and work from there, with full Entourage email and PIM functionality, I can now use the direct WIFI connection in the office for direct internet connections, and just VPN for email and PIM. Finally, a viable solution for keeping connected to the office network while still being able to get other Widgets to update and get IM working properly.