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The End of an Era

July 28, 2004

> I love it when a plan comes together. I brought my Tablet to the
> office expecting to show it to a possible buyer, and got a check in
> return (actually, 3 checks). I guess the purchase was about trust. We
> were texting each other already about the entire bundle and the
> payment terms even before she saw the unit. The tablet was actually in
> pretty good shape anyway, and came with a hell of a package: a USB
> mini mouse, a portable webcam, and an ultaportable bag. So she has her
> entire mobility kit going.
> When I walked into the room this evening, it just seemed strange that
> this piece of gadgetry which I have been using for one and a half
> years is now gone. I still miss being able to surf while lying in bed
> using just a pen and wifi. the portrait view is great too for surfing.
> In the end, though, I guess I needed something new, hence the switch
> to Mac.
> I was actually already thinking switching even my desktop here at home
> to a Mac, but killed that idea when I figured how much I’d have to
> spend. Besides, I’ve hardly used my desktop since I got the Mac. It
> doesnt even have an email client or ms office installed! Should I sell
> it too??? Its like a 2.5 GHz P4 with 1 gig of RAM, 19 inch monitor!
> I kinda just wonder why windows has such a high market share even if a
> Mac is just so cool. What is Apple doing wrong? Then again, I guess
> the Mac would lose much of its mystery and novelty that makes so many
> people wanna check it out if it had such a high market share! Elbert
> says he uses a mac because he wants to be anti-establishment.
> Normally, I wouldnt care, but come to think of it, its actually fun
> being different. Maybe thats why I bought a TabletPC in the first
> place, because it was new, cool, and no one back home ever saw one
> before. Now that its pretty common, time to move on to something new.
> I guess its the same with the Mac. There’s a great Mac community out
> there, but very few people actually have seen or experienced one that
> they are just amazed about how cool it is.
> I was doing a presentation for this training program I attended a
> couple weeks ago. I did it in keynote (my first one) and when I went
> up front to setup, I could hear people making side comments about how
> cool the powerbook looked. When I presented the slide deck, complete
> with the cubed animation, the side comments turned into oohs, and
> aahs. Innovation is just such a cool thing. I wish I was more
> innovative…..


Selling my TabletPC

July 26, 2004

I am preparing to pass my Acer TabletPC to its new owner. I think I am
offering a pretty good price for the thing considering I threw in a
mini mouse, a bluetooth dongle, a webcam, and a computer bag, all of
which are hardly used. This is like about 100K value if new.

Selling something for me is always kinda difficult. The Tablet was cool
and I used it quite a lot mostly for work. In the end though, I think
that the mac is the better toy for me and I dont regret switching at

Things I will miss about my TabletPC:
1. Surfing on my bed.
2. Writing notes on screen.
3. Using this Corel app and the pen to draw stuff on screen which is
projected onscreen. Impresses the hell out of the audience 🙂
4. Carrying the thing around at only 3 lbs.
5. Connecting to GPRS in 2 clicks with the Nokia D211
6. Connecting to WIFI in 2 clicks with the Nokia D211
7. Spinning the screen around to switch from notebook to tablet mode
and distracting the other people in the meeting 🙂
8. Surfing in portrait mode.
9. Knowing that this is probably the first TabletPC in the country.

I probably wont miss it that much. I cant even type 10 things!


Hed Kandi

July 26, 2004

What is it with Hed Kandi that I like so much? The music is cool, the
cover artwork is excellent, and they are almost full 12″ unmixed
versions! What more could I ask for! The artwork, in particular, is
excellent by some UK based artist. I found a couple of wallpaper
versions but unfortunately cant really use them on my notebook because
I use it for presentations. It was pretty embarrassing hooking into the
projector, not knowing how to turn on mirroring mode, and having this
half naked cartoon chick with headphones on the big screen in front of
the VPs. At least they made more fun of my Mac than becoming offended
at the wallpaper.

The picture above, if you can see it, is something I found in the
internet and is my current avatar. Speaking of which, I dont actually own the album with this cover. Its one of
those Beach House albums from early this year I think which is really
cool. One track in there is called Musica Feliz which is some nice,
Deep House with a cool latin feel. Perfect for the summer months. Maybe
I’ll but this album when the sun comes out again, as it seems to be
raining pretty hard over here nowadays.